Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mad Hatters Group Meeting Jan 17, 2018 Supply List

January 17, 2017
Supply List:
The following items will be provided:
a.       Freezer paper – available from Claire Hightower at the general meeting on Jan. 11th if you need it.  
b.      Unscented Barbasol shaving cream (not gel!)
c.       Acrylic ink (Tsukineko & FM brands)
d.      Brushes & sponge paint daubers (you may bring your own if you have them)
e.       Iron & ironing board

Supplies that you need to bring:
a.       Pencil or pen & paper scissors to cut out your stencil
b.      Stapler to hold folded paper in place for cutting if you are using a Hawaiian design
c.       Light colored printed cotton (batik or cotton) prepared for dye by pre-washing & pressing – choose your fabric size according to the design that you have chosen
d.      Small mixing containers & plastic stirrers to mix ink into shaving cream
e.       Apron, smock, or other garment to protect your clothing

Pre-Class Prep:
a.       Freezer paper has a shiny wax coated side & a plain paper side.  Choose a design, trace or draw it onto the plain side of the freezer paper & cut it out.  The “background” of the design is the freezer paper stencil you will iron, shiny side down, onto the right side of your fabric.  You will paint the area not covered by the freezer paper. 
b.      Hawaiian appliqué designs are particularly suited to this technique because they are somewhat complex designs, but the design is a single piece & its symmetry makes it easy to draw & cut out:  The paper is folded into eighths, one-eight of the design is drawn onto the folded paper & the complete design is cut from the folded paper.  There are books of Hawaiian quilt patterns & you can find some free online or you can create your own.
c.       Your design does not need to be Hawaiian or symmetrical.  For example, since Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are coming up soon, you might want to draw & cut out hearts or shamrocks from your freezer paper. 
d.      When creating your design consider that freezer paper is 18” wide & you will need an inch or more on all sides of the design to manipulate the stencil.  Your fabric should be at least as large as your design plus one inch on all sides.  A fat quarter of fabric will be enough for a reasonable size pillow top.
*  To create the “paint” we will start with old-fashioned white, unscented shaving cream (Barbasol, not gel) & add acrylic ink to get the color we want.  We will use sponge daubers or brushes to apply the paint, let it dry (takes only a few minutes), then set the design by pressing it.     

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